FNU Co-sponsors the Second Symposium on Interpretation of Chinese Literary Classics and Text Interpretation and Observation Activities of Chinese Classroom Teaching in Fujian, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao


The event, co-sponsored by FNU, Taiwan Society of Chinese Culture and Education, Taipei University of Education, Taiwan Wanjuanlou Books Co., Ltd., and Taiwan Multiple Intelligences Education Association, and undertaken by College of Chinese Language and Literature of FNU and the Center for Studies of Fujian and Taiwan of FNU, kicked off at the Science Hall on Cangshan Campus of FNU on December 17. Ye Jiande, president of Taiwan Society of Chinese Culture and Education, Sun Jianqiu, vice president of Taipei University of Education, Liang Jinxing, general manager of Taiwan Wanjuanlou Books Company, and Zheng Jiajian, vice president of FNU, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech respectively. The event was held in Fuzhou and Taipei and conducted both online and offline, attracting nearly 300 teachers and students from more than 60 schools and scientific research institutions from Fujian, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.

Sun Shaozhen, leading expert of the Huang Danian-style Teacher Team of National Colleges and Universities and professor of College of Chinese Language and Literature of FNU, and Sun Jianqiu made a keynote speech respectively, titled “Significance and Value of Compiling Chinese Literary Classics Textbooks”. Centering around jointly-compiled Cross-straits Chinese textbooks for high schools, the participating teachers and students carried out activities such as the planning and compilation of Chinese textbooks for middle schools, the interpretation of classic texts of textbooks, Chinese teaching methods for middle schools, presentation, discussion and evaluation of demo lessons, constantly deepening the recognition and understanding of Chinese culture and jointly contributing to its inheritance and innovation.

It is reported that the event expanded from Fujian and Taiwan to Hong Kong and Macao, receiving more than 120 papers and more than 90 competing teaching videos, and much attention and strong support from the cultural and educational circles in the four regions.

                             (Translated by Zheng Siming/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan)