The Fourth Maritime Silk Road Cup Translation (Interpretation) Competition Held in FNU


Recently, the 4th Maritime Silk Road Cup English Translation (Interpretation) Competition was successfully held in FNU. This contest, hosted by the Fujian Translators Association and organized by the College of Foreign Languages of FNU, aims to boost the development of translation in Fujian province, to arouse the enthusiasm of all walks of life to learn interpretation and to build a reservoir of a high-quality interpreters urgently needed for the construction of the core area of Maritime Silk Road. Leaders and experts attended the competition, including Mr. Chen Chuxin, Director of the Foreign Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Fujian province and President of the Provincial Translators Association, Ms. Lin Minrong, Secretary-General of the Provincial Translators Association and Director of the Provincial Foreign Affairs Service Center, Mr. Chen Qinghua, Vice President of FNU and representatives of teachers and students from the College of Foreign Languages.

The scheme of the contest was Chinese-English and English-Chinese consecutive interpretation. The 20 contestants took the stage in turn, showing their professionalism with confidence. Prof. Chen Xiaowei and Prof. Yue Feng, representatives of the judges, made wonderful comments on the contest.

Mr. Chen Chuxin pointed out that the purpose of holding the contest was to tap more talented language learners for Fujian province, create a better cultural atmosphere for higher level of opening up and development and build a reservoir of high-quality translation talents for the going-global strategy of Fujian province. He stressed that while learning the language, it was necessary to cultivate cross-cultural communication skills, understand the cultural background behind the language. It was also vital to cultivate high-end translation talents with political firmness, excellent business skills and a good command of Chinese and foreign languages, tell Chinese stories with foreign languages, spread Chinese voices in the international community to make contribute to enhancing national cross-cultural communication and promoting communication between China and the rest of the world.