Professor Li Jianping Attends the 15th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy and Delivers a Keynote Speech


From December 18 to 19, the 15th Forum of the World Association for Political Economy was successfully held, which was jointly organized by the World Association for Political Economy (WAPE) and Shanghai International Studies University. The theme of the annual meeting was Reflections on Global Economic Policies: Considerations of Political Economy. The forum had 6 conferences and 30 parallel sessions, where nearly 300 scholars from more than 40 countries, including China, Russia, Brazil, South Africa, India, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and Austria, conducted online and offline discussions thoroughly on such issues as methods, theories and policies of modern Marxist economy, the economics curriculum system reform, capitalist stage theory and cycle theory, the future of socialism, labor and market, poverty and inequality, health and medical care, environment and development, world economy system and globalization, neo-imperialism and multipolar world, the Belt and Road Initiative and the community with a shared future for mankind.

Professor Li Jianping, chief expert of “the Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project” of the CPC Central Committee, a famous Marxist economist in China, former president of FNU and director of the National Research Center for Political Economy of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics (FNU), was invited to attend the meeting and made a keynote speech.

The topic of Professor Li Jianping's speech is Historical Evolution of the Method in Das Kapital and its Contemporary Value (in collaboration with Professor Huang Jin). The speech consists of three parts: Marx's continuous exploration of the method in Das Kapital in the 1850s and 1860s, the declaration of dialectics in the postscript to the second edition of the first volume of Das Kapital and the postscript opening up broad vistas for the study of dialectics. He analyzed in detail Marx's continuous exploration of the method in Das Kapital, Engels’ expansion and enhancement of dialectics, Lenin’s depth and advancement of the study of dialectics, Mao Zedong's theoretical contributions to dialectics and their practical application, Xi Jinping opening up new vistas of materialist dialectics in application and development in the new era, and argued that there is no way to understand the method in Das Kapital (materialist dialectics), and the origin and development of Marxist dialectics without understanding Marx's Das Dapital and Hegel’s logic.

It is reported that WAPE is an international academic organization founded on open, non-profit and voluntary basis by Marxist economists and related groups all around the world. The mission of WAPE is utilizing modern Marxist economy to analyze and study the economy of the world and different countries, reveal the law of development and its mechanism, and offer proper policies to promote the economic and social improvement at the national and global level. From 2006 to 2019, WAPE has held successfully 14 international forums in Shanghai (China), Shimane (Japan), Beijing (China), Paris (France), Suzhou (China), Massachusetts (the USA), Mexico City, Florianópolis (Brazil), Hanoi (Vietnam), Johannesburg (South Africa), Patiala (India), Moscow (Russia), Berlin (Germany) and Winnipeg (Canada), and has been well-known and greatly influential around the globe.


(Translated by Lv Xin/ Reviewed by Xie Xiujuan